Designing the Perfect Script

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Part of prospecting or designing any sales presentation includes designing the Perfect Script. Although you may have concerns about sounding too “scripted”, this is not the case at all as having a script allows you to sound natural. The main reason for losing control and not sounding natural is not having a script.

There is a certain format that follows the Fundamentals of Selling and holds the key to success. Having a script and a format to your presentation allows you to react to situations, and to keep you grounded in the spectrum of the sales presentation by following the Fundamentals of Selling. If you don’t have a script, you’ll be taken way off base and you won’t know how to come back if the script and the format/fundamentals are not completely understood in your mind. If you decide to vary the script, you must still follow the format and the fundamentals.

Here are a few examples of scripts that you can utilize to design templates for your own product or service. If you would like further professional assistance after reviewing these scripts and listening to this section of Sales Superstar, contact us.

The tools that must be included in your script in order to give a perfect presentation are:

  • Body Language, Energy Level and Transference of Feeling
  • Rapport
  • Third Party
  • Initial Benefit Statement (IBS)
  • Show and Tell (if in person)
  • Reason Why
  • Gain Control
  • Create Urgency
  • Create Need
  • Build Value
  • Assumption

When closing and booking an appointment, you must always ask for the name and number first, then for a possible appointment time or payment. It’s always easier to ask the simple questions first.

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